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Glyphish Pro 4. The totally new set of 200 beautiful icons. Pixel perfection has never looked better.

New icons. Same awesome.

It's here: the latest collection from Glyphish. Introducing a new set of 200 great icons. Fresh, sharp, pixel-perfect for making your app sparkle and shine. Look out, App Store.

All new, all beautiful. Purchase for $25.

Sharp like a laser razor.

To ensure exact pixel perfection, every icon is carefully examined, adjusted and triple-checked so it looks great at 1x, 2x, and every larger size beyond. Here's a preview of the entire new collection, shown at 1x size:

New in Glyphish 4 is a Photoshop file containing each icon as a shape layer. This means you can scale up or down Retina designs without extra work: just enlarge or shrink the document by a multiple of 2 and your icons remain crisp and perfect.

Scale to any size, right from Photoshop 8x? 32x? No problem.

Tab bars, toolbars, table rows, Mac apps. Unlimited possibilities.

PNG format icons in both dark gray and white are included as usual for dropping directly into XCode or website projects, and an overview PDF containing every icon in vector format works great for rolling your own customizations.

Social icons. Video control icons. Layer icons. Icons for sports, currency and sorting lists. Great icons for projects of all kinds — that's what you'll find in Glyphish Pro 4.

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Ready to buy? Purchase via Paypal for $25.

There’s even more.

Glyphish Pro 4 is the fourth collection from Glyphish, but Pro 3 is still around too, and it contains 400 great icons also in two sizes and two colors. It's a separate set, complemented perfectly by this latest edition. See more about Pro 3 or buy Pro 4 now.

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