Everything you need for a beautiful app: Glyphish icons for iOS

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Glyphish Bundle

More than 2200 outline and filled icons, plus Sketch files

Great icons for everything

Carefully crafted for iOS tab bars, toolbars, nav bars and table rows, Glyphish icons are also perfect for Android, Windows Mobile, websites, UI design, t-shirts, tattoos, stencils, stickers and much more.

Ready for Retina

Every set includes @2x and @3x size icons for crisp rendering on Retina and high-resolution displays. Need larger sizes? Just grab the vector icon and scale it up, pixel-perfect for making your app look amazing on any platform and on any device.

The droids you're looking for

Glyphish works great with Android too; you can output any sizes you need from the included vector source files.

Sizes, colors & formats

Each icon is bundled as a PNG ready for dropping into Xcode, plus an SVG for use on the web, plus an overview PDF for reference. Each set also contains a master PSD and AI file with vector shape layers, perfect for working with designers, creating mockups or customizing icons. Icon sizes follow Apple guidelines for tab bars and toolbars.

Made for iOS

Beautiful outline icons with selected states make it easy to design a beautiful app, and the entire collection looks great in iOS however you choose to use them.

Sharp and flexible

Create any additional sizes you need with Photoshop files containing vector shape layers, so you can scale designs up and down by multiples of two and your icons remain crisp. It's the easy way to design for variable display size and pixel density.

The art that's smart

Sketch source files are included so you can change colors and output custom sizes. Need a PDF or an SVG? Easy.

Contact info

Created by Joseph Wain. Follow @glyphish on Twitter to get updates and new icons. For questions, feedback, support or help with usage, or just to say hello, send a message.


Free icon set published under a Creative Commons Attribution license: simply provide a note and a link back to the Glyphish website. Full sets do not require attribution and can be used in an unlimited number of projects. View license.

Test drive

Try 50 icons free. Attribution required.

Glyphish Icons, Backgrounds & Artbits

Created by Joseph Wain, 2010 — 2020
Web: https://www.glyphish.com
Twitter: @glyphish or @jpwain

Thanks for supporting Glyphish!

License and terms of use

As a paying license holder, you're free to use the icons and artwork for commercial and non-commercial purposes, for yourself, your company and your clients, and to edit, remix and otherwise modify.

You may not sell or redistribute the icons themselves as icons.

You may not use the icons in a way that encourages downstream distribution. This means no templates or skins or theme kits or similar uses. (The person using the theme or template might not know where the icons came from and thus wouldn't be following the license.)

The icons may not be used in any form of "easy app builder" tools or websites. Xcode is acceptable; point-and-click app creator websites are not.

The icons may not be redistributed under any other license without expressed written permission.

Yes! Tattoo them on your arm, use them on your business cards. Do not resell them as icons or use them in app builder tools or templates. If any questions, send a message.

Refund policy

Since these are digital files, no refunds or exchanges will be granted after completed purchase and download. Additional downloads available upon request up to 60 days after purchase.

50 free icons & attribution

Free sample icons are require attribution in the form of a note and a link back to the Glyphish website. For full sets, no attribution is required for use by you, your company, your clients. But if you'd like to spread the word by linking to Glyphish from your website, blogpost, Twitter or wherever, your kind words are much appreciated.

Questions, comments, help

Have a question about Glyphish? Send a message. Need custom icons or some exception to the licensing terms? Happy to discuss.

Follow @glyphish on Twitter for updates and more.

Before you download...

If you find Glyphish useful, support the creation of more icons by purchasing the complete set of a 2200 great icons, Retina support for everything, plus colorful app background graphics.

Yes! Buy the bundle for $99 — no attribution required.

Try 50 free sample icons — requires that you link to the Glyphish website from your app's website or blog.